Your Employment is at RISK

Who is responsible for your employability?

Its a common myth that employability is an organisation’s issue. As an employee, we believe that our Manager and organisation will help us become better equipped with skills which are required for our growth.

Do I know my SELF and what is required by the world of work?


Contribution vs Activities

Do we know what we are contributing to the organisation or we are just doing some activities? More often we are focused on daily routine activities we are expected to do, we don’t measure what is the impact of our work on the organisation. When someone is asked at the time of review, what has been your achievement in terms of contribution ( KRA, KPA, Objectives), we often speak only the activities performed by us not the RESULTS.

Self Assessment Checklist

Self-Assessment tool for remaining employable

Am I contributing As per OR above my role expectation?

Employability is time contextual

Your employability is time contextual. You may be a Blue-Eyed person at a particular time of your career but the situation may not remain the same throughout your career. Don’t allow situations to command your life. Don’t feel bad if you are rated low on performance. Keep the above-mentioned “Self-Assessment tool” in your pocket and keep on assessing as a routine exercise. You will be a winner in the end.

How “Get Me Experts” can help you?

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Ajay Sharma


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