Hum Hain Naa | Covid Support | Corporates showing responsibility towards Employees

The recent surge in Covid cases in India has created lots of trouble for the masses. While people are looking for healthcare support from Hospitals and camps established by Government, the system cannot support the load.

This unprecedented situation requires an alternate support system to develop. Many employees who are working from home and/or their parents/kids need dedicated care from the doctors. But finding a doctor is also becoming a challenge now.

My Family First has taken the initiative and developed a special Employee Assistance Program for the corporate employees to have professional support to handle Covid related queries.

“Hum Hain Naa” — A feeling of support on call is a very important comfort factor for the employees so that they know “Someone” is present to take care of their issues at any point in time. Give your employees a sense of comfort by saying “ Hum Hain Naa”. Companies can instill a sense of confidence in their employees by introducing the EAP program from My Family First.

Professional Remote support: A team of dedicated doctors is available on-call basis. These doctors understand the nuances of the Covid related complications and also keep changing guidelines for the home treatment.

Psychological Support: Often, the person may not have Covid, but the anxiety itself may be causing concern. It may be that person’s nears & dears have and that is causing anxiety issues. Qualified Psychologists and Counsellors are available at My Family First App to take care of such issues.

Customized Support: Needs of all employees are not the same and similarly, not all the current wellness facilities of the companies are similar. We can design the Employee Assistance Program as per the company’s needs. Flexibility is our key differentiator and we don’t mind changing the offerings based on specific requirements of the companies. is a professionally managed company owned and driven by Medical professionals. Each company is assigned an Engagement Manager and issues are resolved with a professionally developed APP.

HR Managers can contact Dr(Maj) Harshita Surange, Founder Director of the My Family First, to get the details of the program matching your needs.

Contact Details

My Family First +91 9810584490


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Ajay Sharma


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