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To address the shortage of medical facilities in rural & Semi-urban areas In our mission to serve Rural healthcare, DESH Clinic is establishing a chain of Digitally Enabled Health Clinics connecting the medical services knowledge and infrastructure of metro cities with the rural and underdeveloped India.

We are serving the need of the moment at the key locations where the high-quality healthcare infrastructural facility is difficult to find. Therefore, we felt a dire requirement of a comprehensive and integrated network of doctors who together to form a complete sphere of specialties


1. Capacity Building: Hire local talent and training them on metro city standards to enable them to serve quality healthcare in their native region.

2. Livelihood Generation: Opportunity to local residents with entrepreneurial aspirations to invest and enterprise in the healthcare sector.

3. Rural Healthcare: Deploying and exploiting high-end technologies in healthcare to provide quality services at a lower cost


Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange, Founder, CEO, Clinical Head MBBS, DMRD (Army Hospital), DIP MSK Ultrasound (Spain) Faculty & Executive Member, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society

Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange, Founder, Academia Head MBBS, MD Anaesthesiology, FIPP (Hungary), FIAPM, AMPH Sitting General Secretary, Indian Society for Study of Pain

Ajay Sharma Co-founder, COO, Operations Head LLB (DU), PG-HRM (NPC), Masters in Psychology (DU), Specialised training in Counselling & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Founder- Global Council for development of Consulting Professionals

Founders of DESH Clinics — Dr Harshita Surange, Dr Pankaj N Surange and Ajay Sharma

DESH Clinics Webpage:

Expansion Plans: #DESHClinics seeks to expand in semi-urban India at a faster pace by rapid expansion through the franchise model.

Franchise Opportunities: The DESH clinics at small towns and villages will be managed by local entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Family First team, while Family First will focus on creating common tech infrastructure, hunting for and onboarding the best health service providers, bringing the best devices to use, arranging world-class training to the paramedical staff to be deployed at centers and spreading awareness on quality healthcare & digital health.

Investment: Rs 2–15 Lacs depending on the size/type of the clinics and facilities. The payback period is 18–24 Months.

Eligibility: Persons with exposure to Pharmacy, Diagnostic Labs, Medical Consultation, Social Services, and having wide local influence can apply for the Franchise. Special Preference to Defence Personnel.

Contact: pls share your details at or call +919311252516


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