DESH Clinics — Rural Integrated Physital Clinic Chain

With the acceptability of telemedicine in India, especially after the pandemic, the proliferation of its usage has increased in urban India. However, Rural India is still not using to the extent required.

Rural Healthcare actually needs more Healthtech support. It is quite evident that qualified doctors don't feel comfortable providing services by being in rural or semi-urban areas. So what are the alternatives?

Qualified paramedical staff may be a good alternative combined with Medical specialists from Cities can be a very good option to support rural healthcare. DESH Clinic ( Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics) under the aegis of My Family First, has started developing these Integrated Health setups for rural and semi-urban areas.

Physital Clinics: DESH Clinics are Physital clinics which means these clinics have physical infrastructure ( fixed or mobile) with all support systems of brick & mortar set up clubbed with Smart connected diagnostic devices and teleconsultation app to support video/audio consultation.

Integrated Clinics: These health Clinics will not be just telehealth setup with mobile app, rather these are equipped with Tele-Consultation Infrastructure, Quick Diagnostic connected devices, Pharmacy, and in some cases Daycare center also.

An Assisted Tele-consultation method will be used to help patients communicate better with doctors and Medical Specialists getting more data points about patient’s health conditions thru PoC Devices with quick results to provide effective treatment.

DESH Clinic is expanding its reach thru franchisee engagement, interested persons can approach us at for details. The investment is as low as Rs 50,000 and an optimal CAPEX investment of Rs 3.5 lacs.

There is a great potential for paramedical professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets to join hands with DESH Clinic. Visit website at for more details.

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Founder- Get Me Experts & FlexiOrg, Driving Future of work & Gig Economy, Promoting On-demand Leadership. #futureofwork #leadership #gigeconomy #agiletalent

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Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma

Founder- Get Me Experts & FlexiOrg, Driving Future of work & Gig Economy, Promoting On-demand Leadership. #futureofwork #leadership #gigeconomy #agiletalent

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