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A Healthcare professionals community, known as “My Family First” is a group of experienced medical specialists coming together with the common aim of upgrading the health of the Indian society by offering specialized consultation, high-end diagnostics, genuine pharmaceuticals, and more at affordable prices.

Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics

After launching and successfully operating a teleconsultation app, My Family First group has now stepped ahead catering Tier-3 Cities, Tier-4 Cities, and Rural India through DESH Clinics (Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics)

Our goal encompasses, providing accessibility to the remotest patient to reach expert medical practitioners, using state-of-the-art technologies, with an optimal economic outcome. We envision a healthier tomorrow, with quality healthcare accessible to all.

DESH Clinics Vision

Establishing a chain of Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics connecting the medical services knowledge and infrastructure of metro cities with the rural and underdeveloped India, with a focus on:

  1. Capacity Building: Hiring local talent and training them on metro city standards to enable them to serve quality healthcare in their native region.
  2. Livelihood Generation: Opportunity to local residents with entrepreneurial aspirations to invest and enterprise in the healthcare sector.
  3. Remote Healthcare: Deploying and exploiting high-end technologies in healthcare to provide quality services at a lower cost.

Healthcare Challenges at Semi-urban & Rural Areas

  • Unavailability of Specialist & Super Specialist Doctors
  • Over Dependence on Local General Physicians or Untrained Health Workers
  • Falling Prey to Quacks, Inferior Quality of Treatments
  • No early detection of diseases, leading to aggravation of the problem
  • Non-availability of Reliable Diagnostic Services
  • High Cost — Need to travel to T1/T2 cities for better treatment
  • The problem of Spurious Medicines

The solution from DESH Clinics

Through its teleconsultation app initiative, My Family First has a panel of highly experienced doctors from diverse specialties, high-end diagnostic centers, pharmacies, and other healthcare service providers.

My Family First now intends to use this built-up and continuously building pool of resources to provide high quality healthcare services to Tier-3 / 4 and Rural India through its DESH Clinics (Digitally Enabled Smart Health Clinics) with deployment of emerging technologies including IoT based PoC devices.

DESH Clinic Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Model:

DESH Clinics seeks to expand in semi-urban India at a faster pace by rapid expansion through the franchise model.

The local centers will be managed by local entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Family First team, while Family First will focus on creating common tech infrastructure, hunting for and onboarding the best health service providers, bringing the best devices to use, arranging world-class training to the paramedical staff to be deployed at centers and spreading awareness on quality healthcare & digital health

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