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Ajay Sharma
3 min readNov 15, 2020


With pandemic around, many businesses are facing problems in running their operations. It is a tough time and people find it difficult to even experiment with new ideas as lots of apprehensions are there about profitability and sustainability.

eBikeGo: What is this company about?

eBikeGo is one of the kinds of Revolutionary start-ups aiming at providing environment-friendly means of transportation.

eBikeGo is a fresh concept, answering the major yet untouched concerns of growing India. Their team of Green Collar Tech Enthusiasts aims at striking a balance between the fast-paced competitive life of young Indians and at the same time taking care of the environment.

eBikeGo has developed an IoT-based platform for demand generation from partners ( Like Amazon, Swiggy, Bigbasket, etc) for their delivery requirements and manage the deliveries in an optimized manner through its fleet of eBikes and drivers to maximize the utilization of resources.

FOCO franchise model

Franchise Owned Company Operated ( FOCO) Franchise model is a simple model for the franchisees. Franchisee’s owned e-bikes are leased out to eBikeGo Company and rest all the operations are managed by the company. Be it demand management, drivers, maintenance, Insurance, charging etc. So for the franchise, it is the investment in the purchase of bikes which is the main responsibility, after the bikes are handed over to company, they install the GPS device in them and a dashboard is given to franchisee to monitor their daily commute and earnings related to usage in terms of KMs travelled.

It is a safe investment as bikes remain in your name and as your assets, plus you have full knowledge of the bike usage, and in case you want to quit, there is a buy-back scheme by the company to pay you the residual value of the bikes.

Growth of the company:

The growth is quite evident as it is becoming a preferred model for home deliveries of goods.

Do you want to invest in this fast-growing business? Solopreneurs has become a franchise management partner with ebikeGo and will be happy to share more details with interested parties. The minimum investment is around 10 Lacs. This amount can be arranged through with MUDRA loan also.

To become a franchisee of eBikeGo company in Delhi NCR, WhatsApp us at +9195990 80163 or mail to



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